American Rabbit Standing 10" Miyoni Stuffed Animal - B019CSYMRC

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  • Approximately 10" in size

  • Authentic Miyoni plush animals have realistic styling and hand airbrushed detailing

  • Made with superior materials and impeccable attention to detail

  • Silky plush and soft hable bodies

  • Has an educational hangtag with information about the specie

  • Aurora World’s Miyoni plush stuffed animal line has a wide range of realistically styled animals. Combining realism with great play value, these animals vary in size, breed, and colour; as well as geographic themes such as jungle, pet, and farm. The Miyoni plush line also includes animals designed with baby "Tots" proportions, as well as a number of Mon & Baby pieces and Unlikely Friends; animals of different species attached to one another. Many details are hand air-brushed onto each piece, highlighting the animals’ natural characteristics. This, matched with the Miyoni leatherette tag located around each animal’s neck, exemplify Aurora’s dedication to quality.

    American Rabbit Standing 10" Miyoni Stuffed Animal - B019CSYMRC

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