Flare Copter the LED Slingshot Helicopter (15 Pack) - B073Q9B1WV

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  • This is the ORIGINAL, the FIRST, the ONE AND ONLY Flying LED Slingshot Helicopter Toy!

  • -Accept No Imitations! Our competitors don't fly as high and aren't as bright.

  • -Curved Thumb Rest for better launches and more control.

  • -Powder Coated rubber bands so they last longer and are more durable.

  • -Super Bright Wide Angle LEDs so wings are brighter.

  • This is the REAL DEAL! You've seen bogus imitations- people's helicopters spiraling downward and not floating. You've seen helicopters that go up ten feet and are so dim you can't see them from very far away. That's over now. You're looking at the one and ONLY light-up LED slingshot helicopter toy. Our Flarecopters are guaranteed to hit a height of 100 feet, and be visible from at least a mile away (given no wind or fog). Each 3 Pack of Flarecopters comes with three helicopters, three Curved Launchers (with rubber bands), and an instruction sheet showing how to use our new BULLSEYETM Perfect Fold System, so folding your Flarecopter® is easier than ever. Light up the sky!!

    Flare Copter the LED Slingshot Helicopter (15 Pack) - B073Q9B1WV

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