Rubik's Cube - B004JQPXNU

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  • Classic puzzle game challenges you to figure out how to make all 9 sides a solid color

  • Includes solution guide to help you solve it

  • Rubik's Cube comes with solution guide and plastic stand

  • Product description

    Rubik's Cube is the incredibly addictive, multi-dimensional challenge that has fascinated fans since it arrived in 1980. Over "43 Quintillion" (that's 43 with 18 zeros to you and me) moves are possible with this original 3x3 Cube, but there is only one solution! A must for puzzle lovers, the aim is to twist and turn the Rubik's Cube to return it to its original state, with every side having one solid colour. For those who strle to master this challenge - or simply lack the patience - the online guide provides the simplest ever Rubik's Cube solution and introduces a number of other fantastic games to play. So, whether you're into simple siding or prefer a spot of classic cubing, hours of challenging fun lie ahead.

    From the Manufacturer

    Can you figure out the cube? Its harder than it looks. This classic and super-addictive game puts your skills to the test to see if you can make each of the sides into a solid color.

    Rubik's Cube - B004JQPXNU

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