D-FantiX Qiyi Valk 3 UM 3x3 Speed Cube Stickerless (Ultimate Magnetic) - B072LCBCB7

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  • MAGNET SPEED CUBE - The Valk 3 UM is the Ultimate Magnetic version of the Qiyi Valk 3. The magnet positioning system is a new cubing technology which utilizes attraction between small magnets embedded inside the twenty of the cube’s pieces. The attraction between the pieces creates a unique feel and significantly reduces overshooting and lock-ups

  • YOUR NEW MAIN - Right out of the box, it was super light and airy. Turns are extremely smooth and fast without any effort. It overall just goes when you want it to. Say good by to corner-twist or lock-ups

  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE - Crafted with eco-friendly ABS material. Stickerless version means no stickers required. No worry about the stickers peeling off. Superb rotation, good fault-tolerant performance. Great corner cutting , Tension adjustable. Difficult to pop, good control of the cube .Come pre-lubricated and tensioned

  • HOURS OF FUN - This 3x3 cube can foster your kid's sense of space and enhance a child's memory. Solve it when each side matches. Designed for professional player. Definitely a good choice for you to improve personal record in competitions . Enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends

  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA- No one falls out of love with this magnet speed cube. Absolutely a great puzzle cube for your cube collection. Perfect Christmas / Thanksgiving Day Gift

  • D-FantiX Qiyi Valk 3 UM 3x3 Speed Cube Stickerless (Ultimate Magnetic) - B072LCBCB7

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